Steve on BBC Radio Stoke

Today I was interviewed on the Perry Spiller Show on BBC Radio Stoke. I had a great time and for those of you who couldn’t listen to it for whatever reason here it is in mp3 format.

Learning from others and making it your own.

In my last blog I talked about taking the envy that you feel for other artists’ work and converting it into something positive that enriches your own endeavours. In this short blog today, I thought I would give you an example from my own experience to illustrate what...

Why do I bother? Defeating the green-eyed demons.

When we are small we can all paint and draw, can’t we? Everything we do is fantastic. We know that, because our mums and dads tell us so and we believe them and our creative juices keep flowing. But so many adults that have told me that they can’t paint or draw...

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