Steve Bird

A love affair with paint

This website is all about a love affair with paint. It’s a romance that started almost six decades ago and one that has become stronger as the years have gone by.

Over time, I have experimented with most mediums: for many years I specialised in watercolours and you will find examples of these in my gallery. My current passion though is for oils. I am excited by the textures that they can create, thrilled by the expression that I can literally sculpt into the paint surface and energised by the endless possibility.

Here you will find my latest works, some of them have been painted plein-air and others in the studio, but all are my own personal vision of this wonderful world that we are lucky enough to share.

Brand new video series now available.

I have just released a series of videos following me as I paint a picture using only a pallet knife. I take you through the process from beginning to end demonstrating my technique and talking you through the creation of a painting step by step.

Click here to view them all.

When it comes to a choice of subject, I would find it hard to choose between my love of the landscape and my passion for studying people going about their daily lives. You will find many examples of both in the gallery section of this website.

I Paint Your Life

In 2014 I undertook a project on Twitter, where I got people to send me photographs from their lives, which I then painted as 7″x5″ watercolours. In all I painted 50 works.

I Paint Your VW

In 2016, following the success of #ipaintyourlife, this time on Facebook, I got people to send me photographs of their classic VWs. Photos came in from all over the world and I painted some wonderful bugs and campers.

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