Steve Bird

A love affair with paint

Let me turn your pride and joy into an original work of art.

I have long been a lover of VWs and recently I decided to begin painting some of the fantastic machines that their owners spend their lives restoring to such immaculate condition. If you would like me to paint for you, just send a pic that you would like me to work from to me at


I work in watercolours and oils. My pricing for watercolours is very simple and is based on the length of the longest side of the painting. 7″ – £125 8″ – £150 10″ – £200 12″ – £250 14″ – £300 16″ – £350 18″ – £400 20″ – £450 22″ – £500 24″ – £550 26″ – £600 28″ – £650 I take 50% as a deposit and the remainder on completion of the painting. UK postage is £10 up to 16″, £20 up to 24″ and £30 up to 28″ International £15 up to 16″, £25 up to 24″ and £40 up to 28″ Send your pictures to me
Black Bug
Watercolour 16″x12″
Dita at Stanford
Watercolour 18″x12″
Watercolour 18″x12″
Watercolour 10″x7″ SOLD
Watercolour 12″x10″ SOLD
Oil on canvas 12″x9″
Morocco or Bust
Watercolour 13.5″x6″
Oil on canvas 15″x8″ SOLD
Kay's camper
Watercolour 7″x5″ SOLD
Orange camper
Watercolour 6″x6″
Watercolour 10″x6″ SOLD
The Tryst
Watercolour 16″x8″ SOLD
Harmony in Blues and Grays
Watercolour 16″x8″ SOLD
A Labour of Love
Watercolour 18″x12″ SOLD
The Picnic
Watercolour 15″x10″ SOLD
In the Workshop
Watercolour 13″x10″


I have been painting portraits for many years in oils, watercolours and pastels. Prices are as above. Again send your pic to me at and I will get back to you with a number of options.

I have many paintings for sale - click here to visit my saleroom

Ipaintyourlife examples

Welcome to #Ipaintyourlife

2014 saw me embark on a project to paint from the lives of my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. The initial project proved so successfull that I decided to turn it into a full time endeavour and so #Ipaintyourlife is now available to you all year round. So far I have painted many different subjects for people as far afield as Canada, Finland and Alaska.

All you have to do is send your pics to me at and I will get back to you straight away.

Paintings start from just £110

I take those special moments in your life and turn them into original works of art

Your Special Moments

Your Passions

Your Loved Ones

Your Special Places

View more #Ipaintyourlife paintings in my gallery

So what is #Ipaintyourlife and how does it work?

In the 21st century we take more photographs than at any time in history. But what happens to those photographs most of the time? They just sit on our phones, our tablets, our hard drives and many of them we never see again. All those really special moments in our lives just lay there unappreciated. What #Ipaintyourlife does is give you the opportunity to turn those memories into something very special that you will hang in pride of place in your home and will give you and your family years of pleasure, because a painting has a permanence that a photograph does not. Paintings are treasured and handed down from generation to generation. Where a photograph is one of millions that you may take in your lifetime, a painting is a one-off original – something really special.
Here’s just one example of many. The original photograph was very blue and aged but the composition, with the girl looking out over the water and the contrast of textures lent itself so well to painting. In the completed painting I have adjusted the colours and accentuated the textures and contrasts.
Cars are always a popular subject, as are dogs, this painting has both.
Just a couple of the many horse paintings that I have undertaken.
To get your very own original #Ipaintyourlife painting is very easy. Just go through your pictures and find that extra special moment and send it to me via email. I will get back to you very quickly to discuss any special requirements that you may have and will send you a link to pay a deposit. On receipt of your deposit I will undertake your painting and once it is completed I will send you a scan for your approval and a link to pay the final payment. Your painting will then be dispatched to you by Special Delivery in the UK, or by International Signed-for elsewhere in the world. It really couldn’t be simpler! Send your pictures to:

#Ipaintyourlife paintings start at £110.00 for a 5″x7″ watercolour

Postage and packing is £10 to UK addresses and £20 elsewhere in the world

Payment is made 50% as a deposit on acceptance of the commission and the remaining 50% on completion of the painting

Larger Paintings

I also take commissions for larger paintings in both oil and watercolour. Just contact me with details of what you have in mind and I will be only too happy to give you a quote.

Payment Plans

Larger paintings, simply by virtue of their size, take longer to paint and therefore are priced accordingly. However I realise that many people nowadays are not in a position to afford larger works in one go and therefore I am happy to discuss payment for paintings by installments. Simply let me know what you would like and I am happy to work out a payment plan that suits both parties.
On payment of your deposit you are agreeing to purchase the completed painting. Should there be anything about the painting that you are unhappy with please bring it to the attention of the artist and all steps will be made to ensure your complete satisfaction. Payment for the remainder of the commission fee becomes payable as soon as the painting is complete. Although all attempts will be made to meet any deadlines such as birthdays, Xmas etc. Time is not the essence of the contract unless otherwise clearly stipulated and agreed between both parties in the first instance. You are commissioning a painting in the artist’s style and understand that the painting that you will receive will be in said style. All attempts will be made to achieve a good likeness of any person portrayed in the painting, however it must be understood that this will be within the limits of the medium and size of the image.
All paintings are shipped Royal Mail Special Delivery to UK addresses and International Signed-for elsewhere in the world; this provides compensation should anything happen to the painting in transit. Should your painting arrive in anything but perfect condition please make sure that you record any damage on the postman’s delivery documentation and keep any damaged packaging in case it is needed for inspection as part of a compensation claim. Your painting will be well packed to protect it as much as is possible, but accidents can happen in transit. In the event of any mishap, please inform me as soon as possible. Please note that a signature will be required. If you require delivery to an address other than your normal billing address, please stipulate this clearly on your order.
All paintings are shipped unframed for two reasons: firstly to avoid the danger of glass breaking in transit and damaging the painting and secondly because framing is very subjective – people like to choose a frame that not only suits the painting but also fits in with the décor of the room in which it will hang.
All watercolours are painted on acid-free paper using artist’s quality paints which will under normal conditions ensure their longevity. However please ensure that the painting is properly mounted and framed behind glass to protect it from the elements and that it is hung out of direct sunlight. Even the best, most expensive pigments will fade if subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight.
Please note that purchasing the painting does not transfer copyright of the image of the painting which, by law, remains the property of the artist, both intellectually and morally, for the lifetime of the artist and fifty years after his death. You therefore are not allowed to copy or in any way profit from the image of the painting without prior written consent of the artist. Should you wish to use the image of the painting in any way, the artist will be only too happy to discuss the matter of licensing with you.

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