Let me paint your life!

I have a special occasion happening on May 31st – I’M GETTING MARRIED

Now this brings up a number of points: first I would very much like to take my lovely new wife on honeymoon and secondly I would like her to be married to a “successful” artist. So I am inlisting you, my friends and followers to help me make these two things come true and between us we have two months to make it happen – and here’s how we are going to do it!
Every working day in April and May I will be painting a 7″x5″ watercolour.

“So what” I hear you say, “You’re an artist, that’s what you do”

“Ah yes” I reply, “but for the next two months, I will be painting exclusively from YOUR life!”

“What are you on about?” you might say.

Let me explain.

What I want you to do is to let me paint from your photographs. We all have some smashing moments from our lives that we have captured on our cameras and are just sitting folornly on our hard drives and what I want to do is to imortalise those moments in paint.

Moments like these:

Ok you get the idea?

All you have to do is to send me your pics to stevebirdartist@gmail.com and each day I will choose one to paint from and you can follow me as I do it live on Twitter and Facebook. When the painting is completed, first option to buy will go to the owner of the photograph. You are under no obligation whatsoever to buy the painting, if you decline the offer, or do not reply to the offer within 24 hours, it will go on general sale on my website for anyone to buy.

All paintings for this project only will cost £100 exactly and will be shipped to you, wherever you are in the world, free of charge.

So there you go. Simple isn’t it. What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing! At the very least you stand the chance of seeing one of your pictures bought to life in stunning watercolour, live on the internet, at best you could have it hanging on your wall for posterity at a one time only, bargain price.

You can follow me painting the first picture live on Twitter and Facebook on Monday March 31st and by my calculation between us we should be able to create 50 paintings by my wedding day May 31st!

It is going to be some task and I will need all the support and encouragement that you can give me to get it done, so please follow me on Twitter as @stevebirdartist or go to my Facebook page www.facebook.com/stevebirdartist and “Like” me, that way you won’t miss a thing.

You can send me up to 3 photographs and each day I will choose the picture that I feel like working on that day, but please understand that there is no guarantee that I will choose your photograph as I have no idea how many I will receive and I wll only be painting one painting per person. If I choose your picture to work from, I will Tweet you or message you by Facebook to let you know, so that you can tell your family and friends that it will be happening.

Please take a look at my paintings on my website www.stevebirdartist.co.uk to get an idea of the subjects that I paint. I like to paint people engaged in doing things, I like pictures with strong contrasts and I like pictures with strong elements of perspective. I do not like tiny faces that I can’t see any detail in, big grinning faces showing loads of teeth, or school photos. Basically the more atmospheric and interesting your photograph the more likely I am to select it.

So get those pictures coming in to stevebirdartist@gmail.com and lets make something happen. Please include in your email either your Twitter name or your Facebook address and feel free to retweet this or share it on your Facebook.

NB By sending me your photographs you are giving me permission to paint from them and to put those images online, or to use them in any future publicity. The copyright of the painted image remains solely with the artist and you understand that should you not take up the offer to purchase, that the painting will go on general sale.

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